Five Methods For Necklace Making In Unique Ways

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Have you ever window shopped the jewelry counters or window displays at a mall? The pieces on display are hardly ever your run of the mill chains and pendants, or simple strands. No, the eye-catching items that grace these displays all have that ‘special something’ about them, something that makes them unique, that makes them stand out above all others. But what is it? On closer examination, it might turn out to be something so simple, that you will wonder why you hadn’t thought of doing that with your own necklace making.

Creating Balance

One mistake that we all often make when doing necklace making, and other projects is that we get all wrapped up in making all of our pieces symmetrical, because that is what we learned in art class. What we forget is that balance is just as important as symmetry, and that artistic balance is what makes pieces stand out. You can balance color by using different mediums in the same piece, for example, like beads on one side and something else, like ribbon on the other. Take the centerpiece of your work, and shift it out of sync in the pattern, so that it catches the eye and makes the audience think.

Do What Works In A Different Way

One element in necklace making that tends to make pieces stand out is to use repetition in a pleasing way. Tiled effects tend to lead the eye exactly where you want it to go, straight to a surprise you have planned for them at the end. For example, if you look at Native American or Meso-American pieces, you will see that tiled repeating effect. Throughout the chain you will find the same pattern, repeated over and over, until you reach the beautiful pendant at the end, one that takes your breath away with its exquisite detail.

Going Odd

The majority of crafters, when employing their necklace making skills, tend to do everything in even quantities. An even number of beads, for example, in an even number of colors, and an even number of finishing components. Just like the debate over symmetry and balance, we were taught to do things this way, and it is just the way it is. Wrong! Shake things up in your next piece, and try something odd. Three colors of beads, broken up by three charms, and so on.

Being Unique Should Be A Total Experience

Have you ever spent hours selecting just the right beads, or days tracking down just the right pendant to use in a piece, only to finish the whole thing off with just a plain old clasp, one without any details? This is where necklace making often goes off the tracks, and winds up in Boringville yet again. Why waste all that time and energy picking out a design that will be seen, and then compromise on the one part that won’t be? There is no rule saying that just because you can’t see it, it shouldn’t be as pretty as the rest of it. Make sure that the total package has that ‘wow’ factor, whether it can all be seen or not.

Choices Are For Wimps

The one thing that most hobbyists will agree on is how annoying it can be to not be able to use all of the killer components we have found at one time, simply because ‘it might be too much’. If you want unique, then you might have to break a few rules. Who says that a necklace only needs one clasp, or just one pendant? If you like the look of both, then use them, and see what comes out! Have beads in completely different motifs, but you feel might work well together? Try it, fusion has to start somewhere.

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Five Methods For Necklace Making In Unique Ways

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Five Methods For Necklace Making In Unique Ways

This article was published on 2013/07/23