Using Magazine Racks to Keep Hobby Items Organized

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When shopping for hobby supplies, such as craft books, pamphlets and instruction sheets, it is common to select these items from a magazine rack in the store, which has been neatly organized so that you can find just the book you need.

This same method that makes things so easy at the store can also be adapted in your home. Instead of storing these types of items in boxes or bookshelves, a wall-mounted magazine display rack, mounted to one wall in your office or craft room, can help you keep your craft books organized, and always accessible.

Using this method, you can label individual compartments of the magazine rack with the name of a type of craft, or perhaps with the name of a particular project you are working on. This way, if you are working on a number of projects at the same time, you can easily locate the items you need for the craft you are currently working on.

If you use the type of magazine rack that has solid, clear plastic compartments instead of a more open construction, you can also store additional small craft supplies associated with the craft project in the compartment as well. You will save time, keep your craft room neat and organized, and reduce the stress and confusion caused by constantly trying to locate the books, instructions and supplies you need for your projects.

If you choose the clear plastic variety of magazine rack for this purpose, there are a couple of types that you can select from, each having their own advantages. Some of them are considered "full view", which means that the entire front of each individual compartment is visible, without there being any overlap with the other compartments. This can be handy so that you can keep everything in full view, but this type of magazine rack will take up much more wall space.

The other type of magazine rack that is available is an "overlap" style. This style can save you considerable wall space, and gives you many more individual compartments per square foot of space. However, the entire front of each compartment isn't visible, except on the front row, and instead you can only see the top edges of the other compartments.

Depending on your usage, available wall space and storage priorities, either one of these magazine rack styles may be just what you need to keep your craft room better organized.

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Having best magazine rack and any kind of chest will keep your home organized and in order. This is an important thing especially if you have young children.

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Using Magazine Racks to Keep Hobby Items Organized

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This article was published on 2010/03/27